RENU 28™ is revolutionizing the way we think about skin health. No more covering up, tightening or spot-moisturizing. This is foundational skin health that starts in your skin cells. In an industry flooded with skincare products, RENU 28 stands alone. The science behind this innovative product is redox signalling. Redox signalling molecules are cellular messengers that support healthy cellular rejuvenation and repair damage. Ageing,  stress and environmental toxins inundate our lives and weaken our defences, normal cellular function declines, taking with it the proper balance of redox signalling molecules.

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Full-Body Beauty that Starts in Your Cells

ASEA’s patented process produces the redox molecules in RENU28, which support communication at the cellular level and help improve the healthy, youthful appearance of skin.

This smooth, all-over gel supports surface skin cell renewal for visibly younger-looking skin and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and wrinkles, calms red and dry skin, and eases temporary muscle discomfort.

Asea Renu 28 Advanced 80ml gel

RENU 28 provides whole-body skin therapy that revitalizes your skin. Clinical studies have returned amazing results:
Blood flow – Stephens & Associates found that with twice-daily application, RENU 28 increased microcirculation to the skin by up to 55%.
Skin cell turnover – Stephens & Associates conducted a study that showed an increased skin cell turnover rate by 16% with RENU 28.
Cellulite Dermatest, a world-renowned dermatological research institute, found that RENU 28 decreased the appearance of cellulite by 16%.
Facial skin – Dermatest found further impressive results in a clinical study on facial skin.

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