Massage & Dietary Therapies

Remedial, Sports & Medical Massage

After consultation with you, we use a truly mystical blend of Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Myofascial Release, Sports and Trigger Point Therapy Massage, in order to bring about the structural changes within the body to release aches, pains, numbness, tingling and tension. We do Magic here. Discussions during the treatment will include how you got to where you are today, actions you can take, day to day, to prevent this and prescription stretches to take away. We will design a course of treatment therapy to get you back to feeling like 21 again.


Leave the world behind for an hour or two. Called a “Bliss Massage” for good reason, featuring lighter, long strokes, ideal for those wanting to relax and be pampered. It is luxurious. In the relaxation room, we use a variety of techniques including long massage strokes, gentle kneading massage and rolling of skin and muscle massage. Including consultation, it is a peaceful treatment and perfect for anyone who likes a softer approach. 

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy places a strain on the body, especially in the third trimester. Correct posture pre and postnatal is crucial. Our posture and stretches teaching will give you the tools you will need to reduce problems so you can enjoy this most special time. Shoulder and back aches tend to grow more intrusive as you approach birthing and blood flow out of the legs can become impeded leading to potential issues such as varicose veins. Piriformis syndrome (which can aggravate the nearby sciatic nerve) can make free movement almost unbearable at this time too. We simply fix all this for you.

Rest assured you are in good hands as we have extensive pregnancy therapy experience.

Ice Massage

A localised treatment, targeting a specific trigger point on the body. The area is rapidly cooled to reduce blood flow and to anesthetise. Once anesthetised, along with our knowledge of the correct timing, massage is applied to ease pain out of the trigger point. Most accumulated toxins will be drained and can now be gently exercised to rapidly increase circulation to assist flushing out the area with fresh oxygenated blood. The results can be spectacular and always amaze.

Very useful in treating problem trigger points and restricted motion especially in the neck area. This process may be repeated several times in a session. Correctly applied, this can return up to 100% pain free motion in one session, but more typically this achieves around 80% with another follow up treatment several weeks later. Very useful for golf and tennis elbow also and RSI conditions.

Education on correct use and posture is also given to assist in the recovery process and to prevent recurrence.

Weight & Nutrition

Our CHIP programme targets weight issues and may help you lose up to 2kgs per week while being offered more food than you are able to eat. An “eat all you want” life-changing diet, it frees you from weight issues and calorie counting. 

The 28 Day Reset uses our meal replacement programme with dietary supplements to ensure  you get the nutrition you need without the calories.

“In 4 weeks I Iost 8.5kgs, 2 points off my cholesterol, 50 points of my blood pressure and a big drop in
heart rate. Blood sugar is now normal. Nine months later I have continued to lose weight, am never
hungry and nearly at my target weight. I have never at any time in my life felt better”

Talk to Iain about any issues you are having and options available, free of charge if you enjoy a massage at the same time. Together, we can help you achieve results!

CHIP Programme

Why, after billions of dollars annually being poured into the NZ Health system, is serious disease on
the increase? Could it be that the money is being spent at the wrong end? Could it be that we need not suffer these diseases at all? Are we poisoning and destroying our bodies doing what we have been told is “good” for us?
At last there are definitive answers verified by well over 50,000 people through the programme having achieved the following results:

Diabetics: ½ of type 2 diabetics off their insulin within 8 weeks. Oral meds reduced or eliminated
High Blood Pressure: most can decrease and many eliminate the need for medication
Cholesterol: average reductions of 15-25% resulting in up to 50% less risk of a heart attack
Stroke risk: again reduced by the programme


28 Day Reset

This utilises the concept of replacing a meal with a quality meal replacement option. In addition to this we add a probiotic to reset the gut micro biome and a dietary fibre to feed the new gut bacteria and to ensure that the system is functioning as designed and additionally gives you the feeling of fullness. For those wanting to make some permanent changes to
their lifestyle and lock in the gains we advise the CHIP programme after this.

Hot / Cold Water Therapy

The area or limb is heated for a specified period then rapidly cooled for a short time. Expertly applied and timed correctly, the results simply have to be experienced to be believed.

Pain, inflammation, arthritis, RSI, tennis elbow, sprains and many lifelong conditions are alleviated with one treatment. It often avoids the need for cortisone shots and other potentially destructive and expensive drugs and or physio treatments. Generally followed by one or more specific massage therapies, of the affected area.

Charcoal Therapy

Charcoal is nature’s own wonder treatment. Each grain of charcoal has an enormous surface area in relation to its size and this coupled with charcoal’s ability to absorb drugs, toxins, hormones etc makes this a first choice in treating many ailments or poisonings.
Used to assist in the healing of sore throats, infection and inflammation, large site bruising, sprains, gastroenteritis, bad breath etc without the use of drugs or in support of drug therapies. Very useful in event of poisoning, spider bites etc.

Results delight and amaze our clients.

Beauty Therapies

Using Celevive which works on the cellular level, we exfoliate, treat and then moisturise the skin. In
between applications and treatments we massage the neck and shoulders.

Body Exfoliation
We use an in house specially formulated paste to gently exfoliate the skin, or remove the dead skin layer that we all have. As dead skin dries, it starts the process of fine lines and then heavier
wrinkles in the skin body wide not just the face, neck, arms and hands.

Foot Reflexology
The art of matching points in the sole to various points in the body to relieve bodywide tension and provide great foot massage…bliss!

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