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We are a team of healthcare professionals dedicated to helping you improve your wellbeing

As a Master Massage Therapist and Lifestyle Diet Practitioner, Iain initially trained in 1996 and subsequently founded Optihealth.

Our clients appreciate our skill of the required pressure needed to effect release after uncovering hidden issues. Treatments so good … we change lives. Iain is a CHIP Programme Director so ask him about any diet issues you may be having. You can expect to leave your session feeling better, with a recommendation for a programme to keep you performing at your best.


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Optihealth partners with you and your other health care providers to achieve optimal health, hence our name "Optihealth". Our Team at Optihealth offer therapies so good that we change lives - a bold claim that we are very happy to be tested by. Rummage through our client reviews and our Facebook page to see what our 13,750 + clients have to say about us over 44,300+ sessions. You can be assured of the utmost Privacy, Respect and Care. State of the art therapies and the information as to why we are recommending any particular treatment. We always strive to find the root cause(s) so that treatments are timely and efficacious.

We love celebrating, Take the time now to go to our fb page and "like us" to secure your one hour treatment on your birthday. Your session must be on your actual birthday or the next business day should we be closed that day and you will have had at least one session in the 12 months prior to your birthday. Or, book a one hour session just before your birthday treat.