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our therapies are life-changing

Offering massage therapies, diet, nutrition and recovery, Optihealth partners with you to achieve your goal of optimal health.

Combined 78 years experience in remedial massage and nutrition

Our team of therapeutic, sports, medical massage and nutritional health experts have specialist experience across many therapy fields gained through years in practice encountering all manner of ailments. We have been serving our countless valued clients to remediate injuries, postural issues or simply to help relax and unwind. Our approach is holistic, your comfort and privacy is cherished, and your best health and wellbeing is our goal. We love to welcome new and returning clients to provide comfort and relief. 

Health, Massage & Nutrition

We target the often overlooked power of massage balanced with good diet

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Massage Health Benefit

Many cultures across the globe adopt Massage as essential Health Treatment

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Diet & Blood Flow

For optimal function and health, the most basic cellular level must be optimised.

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Medical & Relaxation

Want to relax / unwind or to remediate injury / posture issues?

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