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Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals

Many of us actively use sites like Twitter and Facebook to promote our businesses. And those of us looking to connect with more business-related contacts may turn to sites like LinkedIn to develop relationships with people we have worked with or may want to work with.With the growing use of social networking by business professionals, buy instagram likes and followers there is a growing number of social networking sites focused on business users and meeting their needs. Here is a list of 20 social networking sites for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals that are worth a look.This is quite a list you have put together and it is of value for any entrepreneur who reads it--thank you. We have found that particularly in this down cycle that entrepreneurs are desperate to communicate with others who are experiencing the same struggles that they are. Besides joining these sites, it can be of great value to join a business association in one's area of expertise or experience--many have breakfast, lunch or dinner events. It is extremely helpful and even therapeutic to sit around at a table to discuss the current month's threats and opportunities. One CEO, who spent five days at an educational event, came back not only with a higher business IQ but also several new-found friends in similar positions. He said that he needed to bounce some of his decisions off of people outside his company but people who were also highly experienced at a similar level, and most importantly, people he felt he could trust.

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The intersection of online social networking with medical professionalism

Using the online network Facebook, we evaluated online profiles of all medical students and residents at the University of Florida, Gainesville. Objective measures included the existence of a profile, whether it was made private, and any personally identifiable information. Subjective outcomes included photographic content, affiliated social groups, can u buy instagram followers and personal information not generally disclosed in a doctor-patient encounter.RESULTS:Social networking with Facebook is common among medical trainees, with having an account. Medical students used it frequently (64.3%) and residents less frequently . The majority of accounts listed at least 1 form of personally identifiable information, only a third were made private, and some accounts displayed potentially unprofessional material. There was a significant decline in utilization of Facebook as trainees approached medical or residency graduation (first year as referent, years DISCUSSION:While social networking in medical trainees is common in the current culture of emerging professionals, a majority of users allow anyone to view their profile. With a significant proportion having subjectively inappropriate content, ACGME competencies in professionalism must include instruction on the intersection of personal and professional identities.

Eschewing the anonymity that had previously been typical of the online experience, millions of people have flocked to social networking sites where members create and maintain personal profiles that they link with those of other members. The resulting network of “friends” or “contacts” who have similar interests, business goals,where can i buy instagram followers or academic courses has replaced for many people, especially youth, older concepts of community. The most basic social networking software allows friends to comment on one another’s profiles, send private messages within the network, and traverse the extended web of friends visible in each member’s profile. More advanced networking sites enable members to enhance their profiles with audio and video clips, and some open their software source code to allow third-party developers to create applications or widgets—small programs that run within the member’s profile page. These programs include games, quizzes, photo-manipulation tools, and news tickers. A popular application sometimes draws thousands of members to a given profile, generating demand for the application developer’s services and driving up the value of that profile within the community. At its best, a social networking site functions as a hive of creativity, with users and developers feeding on each others’ desire to see and be seen. Critics, however, see these sites as crass popularity contests, in which “power users” pursue the lowest common denominator in a quest to gain the most friends. With hundreds of millions of unique visitors using dozens of such sites worldwide, it is certainly possible to observe both extremes—often within the same group of “friends.”