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How Much Does The Content Factory Charge for Social Media Marketing?

The web content writing and content marketing aspect of our social media services tends to deliver the greatest ROI over time – this blog post that you're reading right now is a very good example of content strategy and marketing in action. Currently, this post ranks #1 in the search engine results pages for buy twitter followers cheap no password a variety of search terms related to "cost of social media marketing" and "how much does social media marketing cost" – there's a good chance that you found this post via a Google search, which is and always has been the primary intention of our blogging efforts.SEO can be a passive lead generating machine, and if you target the right keywords your website can be the #1 performer on your sales team. Investing in social media marketing without first investing in content and content strategy is pretty much guaranteed to waste your money – and we have no problem telling you that up front, because it's better that you hear it from us and in advance than after you've spent thousands of dollars without seeing many real results. Adding PR to the mix provides an excellent source of high quality backlinks to your site, on top of the obvious benefit of increasing your company's profile and driving site traffic/interest. If you're serious about SEO, you should be serious about online PR. For $8,000 per month, here's a rough outline of the social media marketing, digital PR, web content writing and content marketing you can get with The Content Factory – and we're also able to negotiate a smaller package for a smaller price tag:

"Why Does Social Media Marketing Cost So Much?

I just wanted to address the ‘I don’t know how a firm justifies these numbers’ issue. While obviously small and even medium sized businesses would have a hard time managing that $10,000/m fee for a social media agency, we need to remember that the cost for a small or medium sized business wouldn’t be that much either. buy arabic twitter followers While its true some agencies charge more just to distinguish themselves in the market, for others those charges represent real costs and mark-ups.say you’re a fairly well known brand with even just two social media platforms running. You’ve got approximately 100,000 unique followers or fans, with 2% of them interacting with your brand on a regular (let’s say weekly) basis. By interacting I mean mentioning you, commenting on a post/retweeting, or sharing your content. That’s 2000 responses your team needs to be monitoring/thanking/interacting with a week. Even if 20% of those are complaints (let’s face it, people love to share their bad news), you’re monitoring and doing damage control on 208 posts a year that could hit at anytime and need to be addressed right away to avoid snowballing.You need a minimum of 1 person monitoring your social media at all time. Even at an entry-level pay, this would cost your company 130k per year before benefits. That in itself is over 10k a month. Then add in the cost of an experienced social media manager, graphic designer, ad campaigns, etc.This is where a company can save with an agency, even if they do charge what seems like an enormous amount.

Absolutely agree with you, Jessica. The truth of the matter is that many are not educated on the value of building relevant and sustainable social media community,buy arabic twitter followers cheap 1 or that these are the very real cost of providing this service.While charging a start-up $10K (what it costs) for this service may seem like murder, that is what it costs. Understanding their budgets, however, what start-ups can do is get training, attend workshops and do lower-end audits, and attach themselves to social media blogs that keep them on track, to try to get themselves off to a good start until they can afford to completely outsource their social media management.