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Here are the 9 best articles about social media from 2014

The most important development for social media marketers in 2014 was undoubtedly the decline of organic reach on Facebook. In February, Social@Ogilvy reported that organic reach for Facebook pages with over 500,000 Likes had dropped to how to buy followers on instagram for free just 2%. The agency argued that businesses were rapidly approaching a watershed moment they called Facebook Zero, the point when organic reach becomes nonexistent.Marketers have had to reconsider how Facebook fits into the mix of paid, owned, and earned media. When organic reach was high, brands could treat their Facebook pages as “owned” media, but those days are over. Look for 2015 to be the year of paid social media, as brands and publishers increasingly use promoted posts and social ads to reach audiences on Facebook and Twitter.Jay Baer offers a controversial solution to what he calls the “Reachpocalypse” on Facebook and social media in general. He argues that the decline of organic reach on social media requires marketers to adopt a “shotgun” strategy, which involves sending more messages in more places. His suggested approach emphasizes quantity over quality, which sounds like blasphemy to most social media professionals and content marketers.But the key to Baer’s strategy is to connect with each fan in as many social channels as possible, rather than building up a massive audience in one place. According to Baer, the most important metric for social media marketers is now the average number of connections per fan. Whether you’re inclined to agree, Baer addresses issues that will be critical to social media strategy in 2015. Facebook might be the first social network to reduce organic reach, but it definitely won’t be the last.

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The most clicked URL to put on Instagram

Instagram mainly functioned as a mobile app, until about a year ago when it opened up desktop browser profiles. It still functions on mobile as you cannot take a picture from your computer and upload it to your account.But that buy targeted instagram followers isn’t to say you should just have a mobile focus. When looking at an Instagram profile on a browser on your desktop you are able to click on the links provided in the profile taking you to whatever destination they link to. For example, if you are recruiting for new hires and your Instagram reflects your company culture, why not insert a link at the top to the job listings? Try out different CTA’s in your profile description to target all users coming in to view your posts.This isn’t a startling graph because the pieces of data in it tells us what we already know. Interaction levels increase as followers increase and Instagram is an “efficient” social platform in that an increase in followers will be roughly correlated with a proportional increase in average interactions. Keeping your Instagram strategy audience focused shows that increased followers with inevitably increase interactions as well too.

There’s a Social Network That Costs $9,000 to Join

Netropolitan, a social network for the 1%, is betting that wealthy individuals can’t wait to socialize online about a common interest: money. It operates like a country club, with an upfront lifetime membership cost best site to buy real instagram followers of $9,000 plus a recurring annual fee of $3,000. Jules Suzdaltsev of VICE interviewed Netropolitan’s founder, James Touchi-Peters, to find out how the site works, why it exists, and if socialites really need to be any more social. The interview touches on several key issues that every new social network must deal with, including security, privacy, content guidelines, and yes, monetization.Many specialized networks based on common interests have cropped up over the years, with varying degrees of success. Some are still going strong, such as SERMO, the social network for physicians. Many others haven’t fared so well. A recent example is ReaganBook, a social network for American political conservatives that was shut down shortly after launch. And who can forget HAMSTERster, the now-defunct social network for pet hamsters? It remains to be seen whether Netropolitan’s business model will help it succeed where others have been left spinning their wheels.