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Our bodies and the systems that run them are at the same time very complex and very simple. Because no single treatment may deal with the condition(s) that your may be experiencing, Optihealth has devaloped a range of therapies that work with you, your body and your physician to get you back to optimal strength and performance.

The effectiveness of many of these treatments will surprise you.





A full one hour treatment - Renovation Special $62
Purchaser In House a course of three treatments. An ideal course for most minor injuries or treatments. $234 (SAVE $126)
Pre-pay a course of 5 treatments $360 (SAVE $240)
Pre-pay a course of 10 treatments $660(SAVE $540)






Pre pay a course of 15 Treatments                                                                                                                          $900 (save $900)

Pre pay a course of 20 Treatments                                                                                                                          $1080 (save $1320)


A standard one hour treatment is normally $120