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Mid winter Special, we have a very special price for you and a cup of hot soup for afterward.

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Introducing Tom Wang. He is our Traditional Chinese Therapist and may be booked dirrectly. If a musclar skeletal issue we advise a Massage Therapy first before your session with him to achieve best possible results. Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion, Traditional herbs

 694 Great South Rd Penrose. (on the left 4 doors south of the Penrose roundabout)

Open: Sun - Thu 6:45am to 9:45pm, Fri 6:45am to 2pm. ( Sat Emergencies only) Bookings are advised

Optihealth partners with you, to deal with the variety of health problems and ailments that most experience on their journey through life. We are Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners.

Each stage of life has its usual issues as well as those caused by lifestyle and sport. We deal with these with drug free therapies and in conjunction with your GP or other health care providers. Many of our treatments will reduce or eliminate medications taken, or may negate the need for you to visit your GP altogether.

With issues that require further treatment, we team with you and your other health care professionals to speed the effect of the sum of these treatments. Our experience has shown that in many instances Optihealth therapies will reduce or eliminate the need for drug therapies over a wide range of ailments and injuries. Be sure to look into our weight and nutrition section also.

For bookings "click" BOOK NOW button above. You are welcome to contact us today, email appointments@optihealth.co.nz to discuss any problem you may be having. In order to keep fees low we do not have a reception

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Health is your most treasured asset. You would not dream of missing a vehicle service, so ensure you take time today to care for yourself. Change your stress and health outcomes today.









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